Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How I Lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks VLOG!

We are BAAAACK from our week long vacation!
I am sad but at the same time happy to be back in my own home and own bed with REGULAR food haha.

So make sure to be checking my blog for the next week or so for all my post, MILLIONS of amazing pictures and videos!

In the mean time... enjoy my fitness vlog that was SUPPOSED to go with my post last saturday 
where i yell at you all :)

And also, i will be doing another fitness update/motivation post this saturday! 

And seriously....
check out them biceps at the end of the vid.

MAN i have A LOT of blogging catching up to do from all the lovely blogs i follow.
So be ready for me to stalk you ;)

Oh and make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel!
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