Monday, December 19, 2011

Have A Merry Christmas???? (& Christmas Decor)

Is it really Christmas already? It does NOT feel like Christmas is a week away. It doesnt even feel like Christmas at all to be honest! I dont know if it just came way too fast, or the fact that we have NO snow. I dont even know. But the fact of the matter is.... im not ready for Christmas.

I guess i  have this notion that Christmas is supposed to be snowy and cheery and filled with love and magic and family and friends. Reindeer are supposed to flying around outside while frosty the snow man sits outside my window waving to me. Not to mention that tall elf named Buddy making me candy cane, candy corn, syrup cover spaghetti every single morning! WHERE IS MY BUDDY?!

As this year is coming to an end... all i have to say is im NOT a fan of 2011. Too many shizzy things happened.
I got diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, lost my sweet baby in my belly, lost some friends, got caught up in my bubble that i didnt realize the world around me was fading. It seems like everything around me is falling apart.

Am i the object of all my issues? Am i to blame for this world of shame?

What i mean by this is we all choose our own happiness. Things happen in life, bad and good, and we have FULL power to choose how we react to these things in life. WE choose how it effects us. We cant control what others do or how others treat us. We cant always control events in life. But we CAN control how much we lets things get to us.

But while everything around me falls apart, 
the things that matter MOST in life are holding strong 
and that is my family.

Even though this year brought some not so wanted drama, we have had A LOT of ups! My thyroid medication is FINALLY (after 9 months) on. I am finally loosing weight. Mine and Jeffs relationship has never been stronger. We have a healthy, smart, baby girl who brings us such joy! We hope to one day add to our family, we just arent sure yet. We got to take an AMAZING (and MUCH needed) vacation. I am SOO incredibly blessed to have such an amazing big family surrounding me. Both my side, and Jeff's side. We ALWAYS know our family and support system is there for us. No matter what other drama comes into our life, our family is the ONE thing that never gives up on us, never treats us poorly, and always welcomes us with open arms. I am SO privileged to be able to stay home with my baby girl. I am SO BLESSED to be able to babysit the little girls i babysit. They are such sweet spirits that bring SO much joy to my life. I would do anything for those little girls. Im able to do what i love and capture precious moments in life and put them in photographic form. Its truly my passion.

I was feeling kinda down during this Christmas season and thats why i started this blog post but after my "positive" paragraph, 2011 didnt seem so bad at all! Its amazing what keeping positive can do. As i said before, we CHOOSE our happiness.

So on that note, lets make some cheers, some vows, to live this next year to the fullest! Dont let people bring you down. Dont let worldly things effect us. CHEERS to being the BEST we can be! Focus on the positive, strive for your goals, and NEVER let go of the good things in life :)

On to some Christmas Decor!

This year i wanted to switch things up a bit and we got a white Christmas tree!
Good thing cuz its not looking like we are going to have a white Christmas.

Our marriage ornament. 

Who has "accent" colors for their tree???
Oh just me. haha!

Braylee's newborn ornament and our family ornament
Stocking! (and mine and Jeff's childhood stockings)


(see vlogging tab under header for details)
This weeks theme is "if you could do something special for Christmas (realistic or not) what would it be?"
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