Sunday, December 4, 2011

Get Fit, Get Healthy! {and some vacation updates}

Hey guys i apologize for my fitness post not getting up :( I made a video to go with it and didnt have enough time to get it post before we left and had every intention of doing it on some down time but the internet here in our hotel SUCKS SOOOOOOOOOOO bad! BLAAAA!

So here are some fitness pointers for now, and i will post my video of how i lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks as soon as i can, probably around Wednesday when we get back to Vegas and i get some decent internet!

Its a good one, you dont want to miss it!

For updates on our vacation!
I will do real post here on my blog when we get back

Dont forget to check back here for more of my awesome guest posters!
Sunday morning, Monday morning, and Tuesday morning!
They are Christmas posts! Yayyyyyyyy!
Ok, now for some fitness :)

Loosing weight is a crazy thing. If your body is in check (as far as hormones and all that jazz) it makes it a little bit easier though. So what im about to tell you is just what i personally do and find works for me.

First and FOREMOST:
You HAVE to keep a good diet. Any health and fitness expert will tell you that any weight loss routine STARTS and ENDS in the kitchen. You need to be eating 3 square meals with 2 snacks in between lunch and dinner but this all needs to be HEALTHY. Limit your carbs, moderate your proteins, and eat PLENTY of veggies and moderate your fruits. I am so bad with nutrition. Its hard for me to find things that are healthy and simple. Mac and cheese, raviolis, top raman and so forth are SO much easier but SO unhealthy haha. I currently am doing a "meal replacement" shake 2 meals out of the day cuz then all the balanced nutrition is RIGHT there! I should probably take a class in nutrition sense im so bad at it haha.

You NEED to be active. Even if thats just going on a simple walk at night. Cardio is so good for your body but dont neglect your muscles too. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn while your doing things like, sleeping, vegging on the couch, and things like that haha. Exercise raises endorphines and makes you happier! Its just all around amazing. Go to your local walmart and they have a fitness section, in that section there are so many great workout DVD's and a lot of them are only $10. I do better with dvd's rather than making my own routine or trying to motivate myself haha. They say that in order to loose weight, you have to burn more calories than you consume. I know that seems crazy cuz a person on a diet to loose weight usually eats about 1200-1500 calories depending on your body stats. But what you dont think about is that your body burns about 1,350 whiles at rest (you can find out more accurate BMR according to your height and weight and age. just google a BMR calculator).

Your body NEEDS to be in balance! This is why some people do yoga and meditating cuz they want to balance their mind, their serenity and calm. But i dont just mean your mind, i mean all your body's chemical make up. All your hormones. Your thyroid is a hormone. And its also what runs your metabolism. So if its too low, your gonna feel slugish, sad, and your not burning the normal calories you should be burning. But even depression is a hormone/chemical imbalance (thats probably why doctors are wanting to put you on meds). My husband is actually on depression meds and they help a TON. And he only has a very MILD case of depression.
Anywho, not even in a chemical way, the more HAPPY you are, the more success you'll have. I swear by this. When im sad i dont WANT to workout. I dont even CARE anymore about weight loss. But when im happy i power through my workouts and just love life. Love feeling good. Your thoughts are SOO powerful so just remember to always to positive!
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