Saturday, December 17, 2011

Disneyland Trip Day 6 {Last Day, Vegas Round 2}

December 6th

We didnt want to make the full drive heading home either so we stopped in Vegas for the night again. This time we stayed at the Excalibur. Thats my favorite hotel on the strip i think. Our room was really nice. We wanted to make sure we hit the strip and watch the Bellagio water show sense we didnt walk much of the strip when we were in Vegas on our way to Cali due to the wind and cold. This night was good. I love Vegas during the week, it isnt as crazy.

 I was loving the lighting :)

 MGM lions

 M&M factory

 Vegas keeps it classy haha

We had dinner at Denny's and Reuben met up with an old friend. I remember her from when i was little. It was good seeing her!

 Bellagio water show!
Bellagio gots NOTHING on Disney "world of color" water show. (or whatever it was called)

 Decked out in Christmas

This vacation was a BLAST!
Editing all the pics and vids makes me wanna go back and do it all over again!

In 3-5 years we will :)

Here is the vlog :)
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