Friday, December 16, 2011

Disneyland Trip Day 5 {Last Day in Disneyland}

December 5th!
(make sure you watch the vlog to watch the castle light up. So tender)

This day was our last day in Disneyland! It was also my baby sister's birthday (which is also Walt Disney's birthday) cool huh!? This day we bounced back and forth from Disney to California adventure. Braylee wasnt feeling well this day. 

After meeting "Puno" (Rapunzel) i took her back to the hotel cuz she was complaining of her tummy hurting. Good thing i did, cuz she had THE WORST diarrhea when we got back to the hotel. Braylee had accidentally eaten some bad grape the previous day. 

But afer a good hour or so of pooping her guts out and having a bath, she was feeling better and stopped pooping, so we headed back to meet up with everyone in California adventure

 Bray was SOO excited over her new "clubhouse" sweater!

Group shot before the "kids" drove back to Utah early.

 Waiting for them to light up the castle with the Christmas decorations

 Here it comes................

We will see you again in 3-5 years! :)!

There truly are NO words, or pictures, or videos, to justify how fun disneyland is.
Its this magical happy bubble!
You really fell like you are in this magical world.

Here is the vlog,
at least watch the end when they light up the castle :)

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