Thursday, December 15, 2011

Disneyland Trip Day 4 {California Adventure}

Dec 4th!

We had a hopper pass thingy ma-jig so on our 2nd Disneyland day we focused more on California Adventure! That place is awesome and Braylee met majority of the disney characters there! She LOVED big land!

My camera died... so here are some phone pics.
But dont worry, i got night time shots of my nice camera the following day :)
(i will do a phone pic post of our vacation on sunday but i had to share these ones now :)

 Back row: Me, Jeff, baby sister Tricia, her friend Shelbie
Next row: Sister Becky, sister Jessica, baby brother Kyle, and his friend Bieber. Or Eli. one of the two.
 This ride was so cool. You sit in this shell and go "under the water", then back up for the marriage :)
 Hahaha. loved this ride.

There is this new thing they do called "the world of color" or something to that extent...
Its a water show.
I CAN NOT even express how AMAZING it was.
It gave me the chills

Now the vlog
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