Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Disneyland Trip: Day 3 {Lunch w/ Princesses}

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December 3rd: We were all SOOO excited to get to Disneyland. Our hotel was 2 block away so we walked there. Before we were even inside disneyland Braylee was getting excited and pointing at the buses with toy story pictures on the side, and everything in sight that was disney.

Our first destination was the princess/kingdom area!
Be prepared for LOOOOOOOTS of pictures!

Now for the Princess stuff!

For lunch, the girls got all dressed up in their princess dresses and we headed over to california adventure for Lunch with the Princesses in Ariels Grotto. Ariel was my FAVORITE princess growing up and the grotts is just gorgeous. You eat out on the water!

 Met Ariel first before lunch

 Ariel was the ONLY princess (or any disney character for that matter) that Braylee would hug. She got shy with they others.

 They sign their signature books, and take pics with the kids. so so cute.

 Look at Sam! (the taller cinderella) she started copying Cinderella's pose. How adorable!

 The food was so "high class" and YUMMY.

 Everything on the plate was edible. and SOOO mouth watering yummy
 Im drooling
 Lunch for 12... daaaaang. haha.

My mom and I went back to the hotel to drop off the leftovers and my large marge camera. Then it was back out for more fun!

Now for the Vlog

So here is the deal on Vlogging Vednesday. 
Due to vacationing and my OCD with the order of my blog..

We will start it back up next week.
The theme with be, "if you could do one special thing for christmas, what would it be?"
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