Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Disneyland Trip Day 2 {Cali Huntington Beach}

Disneyland Vacation Day 2 (of 6).

Pics followed by a vlog of it all at the end :)

On December 2nd, we left Vegas to drive to California! It was about a 5 hour drive i think? Thanks GOODNESS we had my brother Reuben in the car to entertain Bray haha.

Our FIRST stop was the beach!
The Huntington beach was so gorgeous. It was bray's first time at a beach. We got there and this was our view.
 Is that a welcome sign or WHAT?!

 Jeff couldnt resist

 How stunning...

 Hey Reubs, not my fault you were standing in front of the ocean the the sun glare like that. I had to take pics lol.

 Do you think Bray was excited???

 The left pic just warms my heart... LOOK at her face.
 The crew. My family (minus my dad, oldest sister, bro in law, and nephew.) 
plus 2 friends. Shelbie and Bieber
This was our last family vacation before my baby brother goes on his mission, so it was pretty special. My baby sister's bday was on the 5th so it was also a bday thing for her :)

 If that isnt a Christmas card pic, i dont know what else is haha.

 Shelbie and my niece Audrina

 Thanks Becky for offering to take some pics of us :)!

 Our first REAL vacation together. I dont count vegas as a vacation. i count it as a get away

If you can find Bray.. YOU WIN! haha.
And can you see the weirds laying in the sand?? I didnt even know he was there till i was editing this pic haha.
Hard core. Cuz it was chilly.

Fashion statement? 

Then we checked in at our hotel (2 blocks from Disneyland) and went out to din din!
Go link up with Nikki and show her your best duck face! --> DING DING <---

Baby sister got sang to for her soon to be birthday!
Isnt she such a cutie!?

Now here is the Vlog of it all :)

Tomorrow is when our 3 day DISNEYLAND adventure ACTUALLY begins!

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