Monday, December 12, 2011

Disneyland Trip: Day 1 {VEGAS}

The time has come! Let the vacation posts begin!

So on December 1st, we headed out around 1:30pm for Vegas! Driving straight to Cali would have taken like 10-12 hours of driving. And we had little kids and figured that would be miserable for everyone.

We arrived in Vegas at like 6 (vegas time, went back an hour) I always love driving in to vegas at night cuz the sky is just lit up!

We checked in at our hotel. We stay at circus circus which i think was good for the kids cuz we didnt have to walk through smoke filled casinos to get to our room. Vegas is AWESOME during the Christmas season. I dont think ive ever been out of state during the holidays, is that sad? It is a little bit but nor really considering all my family lives in the same state as me besides my grandparents. Ok nope that a lie, the first year i was dating jeff i had to spend our first Christmas and New Years away from him cuz i was in Florida visiting my grandparents. Anyway........... Back on topic.

I loved all the christmas decorations in vegas. After we got all settled in our rooms, we hit the strip. It was soooo windy and cold! We left for vacation the same time all of the west coast, including Utah, had these crazy winds.
 Thats how i looked majority of the trip. Big camera round my neck, little camera for shots of myself and for when i didnt want to take the big camera, and my video camera in my hoodie pocket haha

 Anything outside of Utah is so different! There are SOO many liquor stores. Go figure for vegas, but cali was the same way. Utah is so sheltered. And im not gonna lie, i really like it. I feel more safe and crime statistics are WAY lower. Not that alcohol has anything to do with it im just talking in general with the sheltered-ness haha.
 Boys will be boys, racing up the stairs
 Can you tell who won? Haha the right pic... i took it cuz GIRLS ARE WEIRD! It was soooo cold and sooo windy and look what she though would be brilliant to wear out walking the strip. idiot. lol

 Vegas is SOOO cool for Christmas! This was "Winter in Venice"

 Ice skating rink on the water. 
 Me Jeff and Bray............ and my sister Becky with her hubs Mike and daughter Kallee
 My mummsy bum (in red) with me, my brother Reuben, and sister Becky
 The people around us were smiling at this while and i heard a couple "awws". Which is a total different story compared to the last time we went at the beginning of the year. Read about that -->Here<-- at the end of the post.

 Tired girl

 decked out Mcdonalds haha. We stopped in for hot chocolate

 our hotel

After Bray fell asleep me and hubs went down with my brother to this oxygen bar. I wanted to try it! I was so let down. I didnt even feel a difference. Its supposed to like revive and relax you. 
But the muscle stimulation thing was awesome! Its this electric thing that you place on your back by your shoulders, or where ever you choose, and it like gives you a massage just by tensing up your muscles!

Enjoy the vid of Vegas!
More vegas on our last day :)

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