Monday, December 26, 2011

Changes to Young&Restless!

I hope you all are having the happiest of Holidays! 
I am so excited for the new year!

And can i just tell you how AMAZING all my readers are??
I just love you all. You are all so supportive and ive met so many awesome people!

                 I just wanted to announce some changes coming to the Young&Restless Blog.

My fitness updates that i do on Saturdays will now be on Mondays. Its taking too much of my day to make the vlog, edit the vlog, and post the vlog. So pics and vlogs will be taken and made on saturdays, But posted on mondays for a new segment called "Motivation Mondays". Lets be honest. We all need a little motivation on mondays anyway ;)

Also, this blog will ALWAYS be family oriented. I will always post about my life events and will do updates on Braylee. But, i need to be more cautious of things i guess.

Have you ever checked your stats on your blog of where your traffic sources are coming from? 
Or what people are searching that brings them to your blog??

Well i did this for the first time the other day.. and for my all time most searched words that bring people to my blog... here are some of the search words.


i know alot of it has to do with the fact my blog has the word YOUNG in its tittle...
But it just makes you double check what your posting.

Granted you cant shelter and protect from all the world sickness out there and it would be silly to revolve my life around the fact that there are creepers out there. I mean when i go out into public i cant control who or how my daughter (or myself for that matter) is looked at. I know there are sickos out there EVERYWHERE. I just think us bloggers need to be VERY aware of these things.

Like i CRINGE when i see people put nakey pictures up of their children.
Yes its cute to us parents... but to pedophiles.. you're just giving them their kicks.

Anyway, just kinda spreading the awareness about THAT.

On to more changes.

Like i said this blog will ALWAYS be about my family and my life. But you might notice it might just be a little less personal about my daughter. The BIGGEST thing you'll see is my fitness stuff and things that are important to me

Ive created this FB fan page because ive been getting a lot of friend requests on my personal page from people i dont know. And my personal page is where my CLOSEST updates, statuses and pictures of my daughter are. And i just dont need creepers on my personal page...

But this page is FULL of fitness motivation, updates, streams from my twitter and Youtube, Still very personal and open, just less of my daughter for her protection.
So you should LIKE that page..

Anyway, just wanted to get up a quick "Holiday" picture post as well as some updates!

Ill get some "cooler" more interesting posts up soon!
Bare with me :)
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