Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday!

"Id rather be HATED for who i am then LOVED for who im not"

Real Quick..
Big thank you to my readers who stuck around after yesterdays post :) {lost 2}
See that is why i dont talk about religion here on my blog haha. When REALLY i was only talking about judging but shared some of my experiences that happened to do with my church lol.

But guess what??
Now you guys get to enjoy a GIVEAWAY! Yippee!
That will be coming soon :)

I need a couple "back up" guest posters for the first week of December while we are on vacation in case the ones i have lined up fall through. Hopefully that doesnt happen but just in case!
I want it to be FUN and CHRISTMASY. Like a DIY project or recipe or anything fun you want to post about that is Christmas oriented to kick off the month of December!
Email me :)

Last thing...
Holy crap. FOUR years?!
PhOtO dUmP

 BOOOO for snow.
Its been FREEZING here.

 ALL of Braylee's pants are HUGE on her. I have to buy 2T for the length but she SWIMS in them. I think i have to start ONLY getting skinny jeans for her haha.
 How adorable are they?
 Kaibree plays hard haha
 "hold on tight!" they say.

As part of the "Be thankful in November" thing going on in the Facebook world...
I am SOOOO thankful for all 3 of the little girls i babysit!
I seriously love them all to death. They keep me occupied and feeling productive and make life so fun :)

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