Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trick or Treat!

This year was pretty much Braylee's first time Trick or treating! Yes she is 2 year old. The first year she was 4 months old. No way was i taking her out in the hold with germs and ew! But she was a little giraffe, of course we still dressed her up :) Last year, we got to one house, they werent home, then HAIL started DOWN POURING! I had a sad little cow looking out the window wanting to go out but couldnt. This year however, the weather was PERFECT! It was sunny and warm!

We went out with our best friends. So this was technically Braylee AND Hope's (best friends baby) first time trick or treating, and they did it together :) Cute huh!?

 We first went to this main street trick or treat. What it is is all the businesses on main street hand out candy and you just walk up and down main street getting candy!

 Bray was so excited over this girl's costume haha.

 With how bad Braylee's tantrums have been lately, she has sure been super sweet too. Her favorite thing is kisses. She is always giving kisses. Will randomly just grab your face and give you a cute kiss :) She loves her daddy.

After main street trick or treating we went and had pizza with casey's family! They are so sweet and gracious and welcoming of us :)

THEN, we drove over to Nikki's parents to trick or treat there!
Haha Nik is such a hoot.

 You would think Braylee would be scared of that ugly thing. Nope haha. She wanted to hug and hold it and give it kisses haha.

Nik's dad was SO excited to take Hope out trick or treating. That little girl is sure loved by many.

 Nikki's favorite thing was to hand out the candy :)

THEN.... (psweew), we got back to our house at about 7:30pm to do some more trick or treating. Jeff was so excited cuz we live in a condo/town home complex so Jeff explains it as, "Door, walk 2 steps, another door! Walk 2 steps, another door!" haha he is funny. But i was disappointed cuz alot of door step lights were out and alot of candy bowls were just set out, Like everyone was done, at 7:30?!?! So lame. I dont like Halloween being on a week day.

 i think we had 2 houses answer the door out of the 7 we went to. 
We didnt stay out long needless to say.

I hope everyone had an awesome Halloween! I know we did. I think Halloween is my 2nd favorite holiday and i am SO sad its over. I took down my decorations yesterday and i feel an empty place in my heart. I ALMOST want to put up my Christmas decorations cuz i dont have any Thanksgiving decorations but i will try to resist it. Maybe ill go buy some Thanksgiving decor. Stay tuned! :)
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