Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving: Part UNO

So on Thursday Braylee woke up with croup pretty bad. We took her in to an after hours clinic and they gave her a steroid tablet to boost her getting better time. Thats about all docs can do for croup.

We were sad cuz we figured our Thanksgiving was shot. After pouting on Facebook Jeff's family called us and told us to come anyway even though Braylee had croup. I wanted to cry for joy cuz i was so sad! I forgot to bring my camera so i didnt get any video footage but here are some pics. Dinner was SOOO good! BIG HUGE thanks to Jeff's family. My mother in law and sister in law Mallorie did an amazing job with dinner and i am so thankful for them letting us come :)
(FYI, no one got sick lol)

I love him

Everyone was picking on me :(
Haha who doesnt enjoy a whip cream fight?

Seriously.. i love Jeff's fam.
Thanksgiving is my fav and i would have been so sad if we had to sit home :(

ps.. Bray's croup was gone in like 2 days. THANK GOODNESS

Part 2 coming soon!
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