Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tayson Turns 2!

Well i THINK this is my last October post (not counting all my random pics that are saved for wordless wednesdays lol).

I got sick of tittling these BIRTHDAYS haha. So there ya go! This little boy is near and dear to me. I know he's been here on my blog alot before but in case you are new here, i used to babysit Tayson for a while and him and his mom even lived with us for a couple months to help them out. So yes he is special to me :)

Tayson's party was was alot of fun, especially for the kids! They all got to dress up, eat candy, and bust a pinata!
 Bray loves jumping off everything.
 can you tell he's Turing 2?? lol

 Bray wanted to help :)

 Tayson's baby brother with G-ma

 I took those pictures :)
Well the ones of his current age.
You can find his session {HERE} <--click on that link

 Hahah Bray was blowing the leaf like it was a dandelion :) i love her


Happy birthday Tayson!
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