Saturday, November 19, 2011

Our MONTH in Cell Phone Pichas!

Its been a LONG time sense ive posted celly pics. So i figure i better get on that. Sorry ive been a little MIA sense Wednesday. I've been working on a family photo session i did on Tuesday, then i did a newborn session on Thursday. OMG you are going to DIE! So freaking adorable! Best newborn model ever! Then last night we went to see Breaking Dawn. Guys im a little disappointed :( Before you jump me, let me explain. It was SOOOOOOO good. It was amazing! ................for the last half of the movie haha. Dont worry i wont ruin the movie like some of my fellow Facebook friends did for me {insert virtual your face} :)! The first half just DRAGGED too long. I was just a little disappointed. Then tonight, im going out for a girls night! Im so stoked. Busy busy weekend! Dont forget that it snowed here in Utah so im about to go play in the snow with my daughter :)

Anyway... lets get on to some celly shots 
 *At walmart *Date night *Bray was OBSESSED with the bell dress for a good month. Wore it 24/7
 Halloween *riding* Bray being a model *out to din, i love Bray's laugh *bla bla
 A day out riding
 *vain *making fun of girls who OVER rat their hair lol *gangsterish
Going out for TWILIGHT! Yea boy!
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