Monday, November 14, 2011

Our 4 YEAR Anniversary!

*18 roses in my favorite color :)*

Its so weird to say we've been married for 4 years! Its kinda "wow 4 years already?", and "wow its only been 4 years? Feels like longer!". It probably feels longer cuz we've been together 6 years on February 10th.

Anywho. Usually we keep our anniversary pretty simple. But this year Jeff wanted to do something WAY special. It was supposed to be a surprise but.. i have my ways of getting it out of him :). BUT, i talked him out of it cuz it was WAY expensive and we are going on a week vacation on December that is going to put a dent in our finances. But we agreed to do his initial surprise for our 5 year anniversary! Im so stoked, but im not telling what it is till next year haha.

So this year our best friends, Nikki and Casey, took Braylee for us and we wanted to go to dinner to this place called the Mayan Adventure. Its this place where you eat dinner but you get a "show" at the same time. They have this diving show they do where all these divers dance and do these crazy FAR dives into some water. So we drove for about an hour to get there cuz thats how far away it was. Our gas tank was almost on empty but we were so excited we kept driving till we got there. Luckily we made it lol.

We got there and i was SOOO excited! We pretty much ran up to the doors to go in and IT WAS LOCKED! We got on the website to check the hours and they were supposed to be open. We decided to go get gas while we tried to find a number. Turns out the place like shut down and that their food wasnt good anymore. We were super bummed.

Drove the hour back and was STARVING by this point but we kept laughing about it all and decided to go to a Brazilian place called Tuconos. Tuconos is a place that you dont go to often cuz its A LOT of meat to handle. So its perfect for special occasions.

What the do is you get as much salad bar as you want but they recommend to take it easy sense they bring around a lot of meat. Then they are constantly bringing around meat in Scours. MANY YUMMY things. Have you ever seen the kid movie Rio? Well you know how they are out to dinner and the guy brings around a chicken heart. Yea its like that, and yes they too have chicken heart. So gross. But everything else was yummy lol.

When we left i think we had like 10 pounds of meat in our bellies. We were so happy too. Its nice to just get out. I guess you can say we were so "caught up in each other" haha. And jeff had been up sense 3am. Mix that all together... and this is what happens.......

 Standing under this heat lamp cuz it was COOOLD

 In the car with the heat on blast lol

 Being goofy
 THEN... i had a little photo shoot.
Its whatev. :)
 I strategically covered my cleavage. You're welcome
 What can you say haha.
 This is what Jeff was doing during my photo shoot haha
 I dont wear my tinkerbell shirt often so i had to get pics in it lol.
 Then i decided to be annoying and wake Jeff up.
Poor kid lol. He was so tired


Sorry about that last pic.. I thought i was doing good covering with the blankets haha. Guess not. The pic was cute though so get over it, its just cleavage. We all got it, even guys haha.

Needless to say i had an AWESOME anniversary! Im still so in love with this man!

Some bloggy news.
I might be starting something new here on my blog..
Have you ever heard of "vlogging vednesdays" on Adelines Daddy..
Well i might be continuing that..
So this week i want to test it out...
I figure i might be doing this by myself for a few weeks but regardless, every wednesday i will be posting a vlog with a linky that you can link your vlog too! Its really fun but we'll see how it goes.

This weeks theme will be "A day in the Life". Make a video post of a day in the life of.... what ever you choose. A day in the life of a college student. A day in the life of a photographer. A day in the life of a business mom. A day in the life of an adult movie film star... TOTALLY  KIDDING!! Keep it G rated :)

So get your videos ready!
And if this turns out successful, i will be taking on Vlogging Vednesdays! 
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