Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Adventures!

I figured i better get all my "Halloween/October adventures posted before October is too far gone!

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A few weekends ago me and my family all went to Lagoon! Lagoon is like the ONLY amusment park in Utah. Well in October they do a specail "Frightmares" thing where they have people in costumes walking around all month, chain saw guys that come out at night, a trick or treat section for the kids, even haunted houses/mazes. Cute little dance shows and so on and so forth. Its so much fun and tradition that my family goes every year. I dont think we went last year but Bray was a little too small for it to be fun but this year she had a blast. They have a ton of kid rides and even adult/kid rides where the parents can ride with them! So so much fun.
Sorry for the crappy phone pics i still hadnt got a point and shoot camera when we went to lagoon and my phone doesnt have a flash so when it got dark i couldnt take any more pics :(

 Us on the tilt a wirl haha.
 Me and my goofy little baby 18 yr old way taller then me brother, and Jeff and Bray behind us.
 Lady bug Drop and Egg drop
My baby 19 year old sister, me, and her best friend.

I think Bray had a little too much spinney fun cuz she threw up on our way home :(
It happens to the best of us haha!

Then on the 22nd our best friends had a halloween party. So so so much fun!
With how serious and depressing life can be its fun to dress up and have a blast once a year with friends! Big thanks to my brother in law for babysitting Braylee at our house. We laid her down for bed as usual and went to our party. Eases mommy's mind knowing Bray is comfy in her own bed :)

 Me and nikki were the dark and light angels. Jeff and Casey (the husbands) were a cop and mobster
They flip the camera off cuz they know it bugs me cuz i dont like posting pics like that... little weeners. Act like 5 year olds haha

I love my wifey! And is that not the coolest cake ever?

Halloween party #2 was on October 29th.
We LOVE halloween if you cant tell. I think dressing up is so fun.
Here are a few of the many pics taken haha.
 The ladies

Too much fun!

I will do my post of our actual Halloween night and trick or treating on Thursday!
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