Saturday, November 26, 2011

Latest adventures/Phone Pics

First off...
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Thanks Mrs. Monologues for the info :)

2 weekends ago we went to a friends bbq to celebrate their like 800th anniversary haha.
 Wifey made these puddings for mine and Jeff's anniversary
 I would just like to point out how awesome my wife is. 
Yes, those are footie pj's lol

 I made Chris and Paula cut their cake like their wedding day haha
 Then we decided to go doorbell ditching.
Yep we are that cool.
 It was fun till we got chased down haha.
Lynn loves her bouncer lol

 Girls dinner out last Thursday

 Out bowling for Cheyanne's (Jeff's niece's bday) Post on that coming soon
 Sportin my new scarf
 Cuz i dont ceeeer
 Wifey sent a pic to say happy thanksgiving.. i followed up with this ^^ awesomness
 Braylee was sick with croup on Thanksgiving :( Poor thing. But it only lasted one day thank goodness
 Black Friday at Walmart haha. I went for the very first time this year. It was INSANE. I went in for ONE thing, got it (WINNING!) and was out bt 10:30pm haha. Thats about all i could handle
One week progress pic. Not too shabby. I can see i difference in my upper tummy. 
Im gonna start doing "fitness" posts and progress updates every saturday sense now that my thyroid is under control im FINALLY getting some progress. YAYYY!

5 pounds down in 2 weeks.
Stay tuned for next week to learn how im doing it :)
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