Saturday, November 12, 2011


Are you ready for it??
Are you sure!?
K well here it comes!!

So i hope this news isnt a disappointment to those of you who are thinking this is a "IM PREGNANT!" post cuz its not. Its even better! Haha ok so myabe not BETTER but, with this big news we can consider baby news. Anywho.. k here it is.

For the first time in 9 FREAKING MONTHS............
HALLE-freaking-LUJAH !

Im trying not to get my hopes up cuz i have an auto immune thyroid disorder so basically my body can decide to destroy my thyroid some more at any time. BOO.

I guess HERE is where i will start my weight loss journey.
I know ive already come a long way sense ive had Braylee but im still 30 pounds over weight and that is NOT ok. I dont feel like myself and i will not settle for less.
I just want to be healthy.
not skinny. HEALTHY!
and comfortable in my own skin!

But along the baby note.
Braylee is almost 2 1/2 years old. So age spacing wise, we are in the clear for me to get pregnant. But i always said i want my thyroid under control before i get pregnant. And now it is... so i guess we are in the clear there too.....
BUT. I dont feel ready yet. I want my thyroid to be under control for a few months.
Im scared of loosing another baby. 
My Endocrinologist said that by getting pregnant my thyroid will go out of control again and ill need to go in like every 2 weeks to get my levels monitored but if my thyroid is too high or too low, my baby will have disabilities.
So all im hearing is that i will probably miscarry and i will probably have a disabled baby.
We MIGHT be done having kids. 
Regardless. Im just not ready yet. 

Having all that being said... lets talk about WORKING OUT!!
Lately ive been doing TurboFire and i LOVE it!
I cant decide if INSANITY was more intense or not but Chalene Johnson is definitely more fun!

Girls: If you still look CUTE after working out... YOU DIDNT WORK HARD ENOUGH!

I recently just got a gym pass and my focus at the gym is to build muscle. Ill continue my turbofire at home but focus on weights at the gym at least 3 times a week.

When girls are trying to loose weight they think CARDIO CARDIO CARDIO. But this is SOOO wrong!
Building muscle is probably THE BEST thing you can do for your body.
Because the more muscle you have, the more cals you burn when you are doing nothing like sleeping, and sitting on the couch. And who wouldnt want to be buring calories 24/7?!
You still need cardio of course but DONT NEGLECT YOUR MUSCLES! 

If your worried about getting "bulky" just use lower weights with higher reps! Simple.

Of course dieting is in there somewhere..
But i think diets are so stupid..
Im not saying eat but im saying you need to make a LIFESTYLE change.
"Diets" should be continued through out your life time but im talking about eating lots of food. Lots of natural food. Clean eating for say. Pack yourself full of veggies and fruits and LIMIT your carbs, not DEPRIVE.
Sugar is NOT that terrible. Get over it. Of course candy is bad, and other things like that but if your sprinkling a little sugar on your cheerios... ITS O-KAY!
REWARD yourself!
Diets are so freaking depressing...
Eat normal. and healthy.
and WORK OUT!!!!

Working out is SOO good for you.
Good for your heart, your EMOTIONS. It relieves stress and raises endorphin's making you HAPPY!


Dont sit around "dieting" being lazy.
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