Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Date Night: Wifey Adition

{Dont forget to make your video blog for tomorrow! The theme is "A day in the life of......." and you fill in the blank. So a day in the life of a rotten 2 year old. Or, a day in the life of a business lady. Or a day in the life of.... you get the point. You can just record yourself telling us about a day in the life of... or you can record actual footage of a tantrum... etc haha. Let your deepest desired go!
Vlogging is just a fun way to see other bloggers on camera, hear their voices, how they talk, mannerisms etc.
There will be a linky so everyone can go see your videos! Its a lot of fun!}
Do you ever have days where you just need to get away. Even to just get away from your husband and kids. I know that sounds bad but you'd be lying if you've never needed to just get away from home life.
Well im lucky enough that when i have those days.. i have a wife who takes me out on a date :)

Friday night we had movie tickets, so the fact that we are BROKE as a JOKE didnt matter :). Nikki came and picked me up and we just went cruising the streets. Nikki and her hubs are in the process of getting a house so she was showing me one they were looking at...
We MIGHT have got a little lost :)

Nik and I LOVE Taco Bell! BUT, the husbands dont. So what do we do when we get together and they arent around?? GO TO BURGER KING!
Hahaha kidding. We went to Taco Bell.

We decided to see the movie "Jack and Jill". We got our huge bucket of popcorn and 2 huge drinks. And settled in to watch our movie. And yes, we cuddled the whole time :)

 We have a little too much fun when we are around each other haha. And yes... we MIGHT have spent a good 20 minutes in a photo booth haha.
We are bad to the bone haha.
We almost ate that entire thing of popcorn. We are so cool.

 Check out Nik's parking job haha.

Then we figured we better go check on the boys....
They.... were having a pillow fight???! Bahahaha. We sure do love them.

 smh (shaking my head)

 We love The Notebook :)

 Aaaand, i guess the boys didnt care for it haha.

 I love Nikk's furry babies! They are so sweet.
All my favorite people and puppies in one place! (the babies were sleeping in the rooms next to us).

Needless to say..... it was a great night :)
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