Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday

We are gonna take a break in our birthday posts.
One more to post about BUT we have another nephew birthday this Saturday.
Haha it never ends i tell you!

So anyway. This wordless wednesday is going to be a photo dump!
All the photos that are so cute and i want to post but dont really have anything to post about them except so say "hey look how cute!" haha. so....

 "Daddy's #1 fan! Casey King 254"
 Model baby!
Oh and if you are new to my blog, this is miss Hopelynn. My best friends baby who is 6 months old. I babysit her during the week. You will always see LOTS of pics of her. I mean look at her. she is so photogenic, i cant help it.

 Braylee and Makaibree (another girl i babysit)
 These two act like sister. They love each other and love to fight then go back to love and be nice haha. They are 6 months apart. I think alot of the "fighting" is that they are at the same developmental stage and are struggling with the same milestones like sharing and expressing their needs and emotions. But im not a doctor. Sounds good though :)

 Makaibree dancing :)
 Hope gnawing an apple, feels good on her teething gums
 You know you like my Halloween toes!

My extremely huge lion cat. Last time we weighed him at the vet he was 15 pounds. And that was a year ago haha. He even has a fatty pooch that sags hahaha he is so pimp. He just got his lion cut shave. As you can see he thinks he is the most swave thing in town when he gets groomed :)
 he was in a DEEP sleep and snoring. Yes, my cat snores
 Hope eating rice cereal. I just love her

 We have the cutest little neighbor girls.

I think warm weather is over for us here in Utah. This week its supposed to be about 50 degrees. The news even mentioned the possibility of snow.. im NOT ready for snow. I will throw an adult sized fit. Hear that mother nature.. bring the snow, and ill bring the tantrum.

Anyway, Ill post about my oldest nieces birthday tomorrow. It involves bounce houses, my 61 year old dad playing on it, and alot of other fun stuff :)

And lastly, dont forget to LINK UP to my RESTLESS BLOG HOP on FRIDAY!

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