Sunday, October 9, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This shot is from our last camping trip of the summer. Halloween candy corns. So fun.
(and our camp fire in the foreground lol)

Complementary or Triadic Color:
Yea i kinda failed for this prompt. My triadic colors are very small in this pic. But I love the way the blue sky compliments the green and yellow in the trees in the background. I dont know i am always taken back when i see photos where the sky is just bright blue and the landscape is deep/bright green! But yea this is my gorgeous niece for her birthday portrait session i just did. Perfect little model.
To see more go to my photography page found ---> {HeRe}

Black & White:
My niece again

Changing landscape (changing colors)

Blank Space:
Balloons going off into blank space

Come link up and test your skills and creativity!!

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And lastly.........
GO CONGRATULATE ONE OF MY BESTIES (shawntae from a little king and i) ON HER NEW LITTLE ONE!!
i DIE! She looks just like her mama.
find new baby Navy girl {hErE}
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