Saturday, October 29, 2011

{Pumpkin Patch}

So, on October 15th...... (yea yea yea i know i get behind alot), we went to the pumpkin patch with my sister. This was my FIRST time going! Crazy huh. I've never gone out and cut a pumpkin off a vine. I usually just go to the store. And i tell you what, it was a life changing experience. I think  im going to start growing my own veggies and milking my own cow! WINK WINK.

When we first got there the girls had a blast playing in the little corn pit thing. Its like a ball pit, but with  CARN! (<----thats my accent for corn ;).

Then after the pumpkin patch we went up for a bbq to see some good friends we hadnt seen in a while. Sometimes i hate living so far away.
Braylee and one of her best friends, Preslie, sense they were in the womb :)

 Preslie's baby brother, Blake :)

So at our bbq, Braylee was sitting on a chair, went to get down, lost her balance, and fell forward and hit her eye on the kitchen table. She must have hit it just right cuz it split it open good. Braylee's first bad boo boo besides her blister 4 months ago from touching a motorcycle exhaust pipe.
It was so sad. Luckily we didnt need stitches.
 haha the flas was blinding her in the car. Look at her poor swollen eye :(

Such a trooper :)

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