Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our Week in Blackberry Pics

I hav skipped out on this the past few weeks
im a failure i know.
Ive just been so busy on the weekends. anywho, here ya go.

 Hope and Braylee.. i love those little stinkers
 Bike ride with Braylee and Makibree* My wounds BEFORE the bike ride trying to get the bike down off the rack haha *Braylee on our way up camping *bounce house for my nieces birthday *Christa daycare ;) had to take the truck to fit all the car seats
 Braylee likes to wear her panties over her diapers *Snow from last week (keep in mind its been 70 degrees all this week. only in Utah *some sky shots. its an obsession i know
Rockin my winter coat during our "winter week"
 Remember braylee's tinkerbell birthday shoot?
if not, find it {{HERE}}
Well my mom had all the grandkids pics done like that. But in their own disney character outfits. So we got them all together for a shoot. We havent got the images back yet but here are some celly pics

 Had a lazy Saturday night last week
 Walmart. Oops i mean my sister's pantry and cleaning closet haha. She is addicted to couponing
 num num! 6 month old Hopelynn eating her peaches and rice cereal
she fell asleep in the car eating her bobs :)

The end.

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