Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween Decor & ROBBERY

Isnt it supposed to go, Spring, Summer, FALL, THEN winter???

Yep you are seeing right. Utah had snow last week (or 2 weeks). But this week has been 70 degrees! We are bouncing from summer to winter.
 I feel like i am being ROBBED of my favorite Fall season :(

But to make me feel better i busted out all my Halloween decorations while it was snowing.
 Scentsy warmer :)

I guess it worked...
cuz then the sun came out :)

Have i ever mentioned that i LOVE Halloween and Fall season??
Well i do :)

and here is a little sneak peak of Bray's costume.
i die.

She is a "Baterina" or Bat Ballerina :)
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