Monday, October 10, 2011

Get Up In My Grill! {& more Bdays}

So ive seen this in the bloggesphere a few times and i decided it would be fun!
So im gonna do an ASK ME ANYTHING post.

So in this post, leave a comment asking me a question (you can remain anonymous if youd like).
Or email me your question (
Keep in mind i am VERY open and honest.
There really is no question that would be inappropriate out too personal.
So really, dont be afraid to ask, even if you feel better staying anonymous :)
And ill answer them tomorrow!
This will be fun so please play this game :)!

Ok on to birthdays!
So my oldest niece Cassandra Rose just turned 9! I cant even believe it. It seems like just yesterday she was a little chubby baby that lived with me! My sister Jessica lived at my mom's when she had Cassie, and thats where i lived when i was 13 years old. When my sister worked late i would have Cassie come sleep in my bed and to get her to sleep i would tickle her back. Still to this day Cas loves that and everyone always tells me i have to scratch her back sense i started it haha. I love this little girl she is getting way too big, way too fast!

um, YEP, thats my 61 year old father haha

 This pic is so sweet in so many ways. That little boy is Cassie's half brother. Ill explain more at the end of this post

 I tear up look at this pic.
That is Cassie with her little brother and little sister. (Same dad, different mom from his wife)
We wont get into the deets but for whatever reasons, Cassie hadnt seen her dad sense she was a baby. Maybe like 2 times, im not even sure. And this year, she met her younger siblings.

I think i tear up cuz out of 8 kids, only my 2 younger are my "FULL" siblings. All the rest are half. Its weird to even say i have "half" siblings cuz i never think of it that way.
 And it couldnt even imagine life without my other siblings.
i love all so much and honestly would feel like i had emptiness in me if i knew i had other siblings and never got to see them.
So this picture is just so sweet.
Look at how happy Cassie is. If you know Cassie, you know its kinda hard to get her to REALLY smile. In these pics, i didnt even have to tell her to smile :)

Its so crazy how much they all look like their dad :)
He is a really good guy and im glad he made it to Cassie's party.
She was so excited and happy.

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