Thursday, October 13, 2011

Christa is Handicaped...


If you're my friend on my personal FB page
or follow me on Twitter
You are aware of my handicaps.

When i was younger i found a love for running. I could get out any frustrations and anger and just go run. I did a 5k, and then a 10k, but then when i was 17 or 18, i started having knee problems. Went to a doc, had x-rays, told me i had one tendon that was straining another tendon due to overuse of the top one. doc gave me some exercises/stretches i had to do, bla bla, i didnt listen very well.

I continued pushing through the pain and did an aerobics class in high school, worked out, did weights, whatev.

But lately the pain has gotten so bad.
They grind and crackle. i get sharp pains randomly. i cant extend then out straight without SHARP pain.
i easily strain it, stairs are the devil, working out is a joke cuz it hurts so bad but i do it anyway

Well i caved and went to the doc.

i have RUNNERS knee!
Go figure right.
the medical term is patellar tendonitis and patellofemoral pain syndrome.

So now i have to do stretches, do exercises, and wear straps across the bottom of my knee on my lower tendon. Basically running caused it. To fix it, i have to build my inner muscle cuz naturally, we build the outer thigh muscle more than the inner.

And then there is my other handicap...

im about to rip that sucker out myself.

I work out all the time. STILL have not lost ONE pound sense March.
They have increased my medication 4 times now i believe, and well..
they just increased it AGAIN!
went from 50mcg, to 75, to 100, to 112, and now...
i am at 137mcg.
Its been 2 weeks now. The last week and a half ive dont weight training every single day. Have not lost ONE pound, not even any inches.

Its so frustrating cuz its not like im sitting around complaining...
no im working really hard.
and nothing.

So thats my handicap updates.
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