Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Birthday #2: Day at the Zoo!

The next birthday in line is my niece Samantha Riley and my fasha (if you havent seen austin powers, that is FATHER with a fany accent. my dadio).

Yes they share the same birthday on September 25th!
Sam turned 6, and my dad turned 61. Wait till you see his picture you wont believe it.

To start off the day, we went to the zoo!
 My niece Kallee kept saying "take a picture of the big bum" hahaha

 Braylee, my niece Audrie, and my niece Kallee

 birthday girl sam on the left in the pink shirt witht the black cardigan. And her older sister Cassie on the right in the pink shirt.
 the gang.
 changing leaves

 Braylee and Kallee haha
 We got there late so everyone else left and we stayed to look at the animals

 total creeper status but look at the chick in the right pic.. her tats were gorgeous. I love when i see gorgeous girls that are all tatted out.

 in the mole hole area lol

 another reason why i take so many pics of myself is because im always the one taking all the pictures and so im never in any of them. Gotta get some of me :)

Then from there i did a photo session.
and headed to dinner and cake for Sam.

 Sam with her little sister Audrie and her older sister Cassie
 Braylee with my baby sister.
 baby brother with my nephew Landan

 spoiled much? lol

 Yep, that my 61 year old dad. I hope i have his aging genetics lol. He was so giddy. His birthday always gets kinda passed up with my nieces birthday on the same day. I mean when you get older birthday arent as big a deal. People mostly make a big deal out of the kids birthdays.
And it always makes me so sad!
This year it was a little more recognised thank goodness. He kept saying "wow, i wasnt expecting anything" and just had the biggest smile.
i love my dad. I will always be a daddy's girl.

 yum. :S
 Birthday kids

 my dad is famous for his high water pants. So i bought him some long ones haha!
 Braylee loves her papa
So does Landan haha.


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