Friday, September 16, 2011


i need to catch my breath! I feel like i am so go go go go go and i cant even think! I have no drive for blogging lately. Isnt that sad. I feel like its pointless lately. like no one is really "into" blogging. Maybe i just feel that way because this blogging world has got so crazy. Everyone is all about gaining a million followers and making money that no one cares anymore. Not many actually BLOG. Its just stupid giveaways and guest posts and highlights and meet this person cuz they are wanting their peeps to meet me so that we can help each other out and gain more followers.. weeny weeny wee! YOU SUCK! :)

I feel better. Anyway. Back to my crazy life. Who would have thought that being a stay at home mom would be so crazy busy! Well i guess i cant consider myself a stay at home mom, im more of a WORK at home mom. I babysit 3 little girls during the week, and yes i get paid. I feel bad charging but its not much and it REALLY helps us out as well as i know i am helping them out. Daycare is RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE and they get special individual attention from me where a daycare cant provide that. Anyway, So i have also been really busy with photography. I did a bridal session and a wedding all in one day. I just finish editing the bridal session [find it HERE]. I am really happy with it. And now i am working on editing the wedding. I cant wait to reveal it! SUPER cute. Then i am shooting a session this sunday, and another wedding next Saturday! I am loving this continuous work, dont get me wrong, its just hard to take care of 3 little girls, feed, change diapers, plan naps, feed some more, play with them, have arts and crafts, play outside, feed them some more, do dishes, sweep the floor, mop the floor, do laundry, pick up toys, try to workout, try to edit pictures, try to get some blogging in, take personal pics for blogging purposes, maybe shower, maybe eat, make dinner, clean some more and it never ends!

Trust me though im loving it. I love staying this busy. I was worrying that staying home 24/7 that i'd get bored. UM NOPE! HAHA.

Then, on a sad note. Jeff's gma passed away today. She was such a special, sweet, tender lady. Always made me feel like family from the day she met me. She was like the glue of all the extended Cox family. So sweet. So big hearted. She just wanted everyone to be happy. When Jeff went to jail she was actually the one who convinced to talk to him on the phone. She will truly be missed.

To cheer Jeff up, i made him his favorite cake :)

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