Monday, September 26, 2011

Too Soon??

I meant to do this post BEFORE it was legit Fall season but.....what can ya do.
Ive been SUPER busy with photography stuff and its really exciting!

My mother is VERY festive! And well, i inherited that trait. Although i am not NEARLY as festive as she is, i wish i was!

Fall is my favorite season and i started decorating before it was even legit fall. My mom said it was ok cuz it was September :) She is too cute.

  i even put a LITTLE Halloween stuff out haha
i couldnt resist.
Halloween is my second favorite holiday! I love love love it! Especially cuz it kicks off all the holidays! I love dressing up and all the decorations. oooooo! Ill be doing another post in October when i get ALL my Halloween decorations up :)

 I even get to put "fall" clothes on Braylee sometimes! This week has been hot so i couldnt this week but last week we had some chilly days.

 Fall is officially here now though!
 The days are getting shorter and it gets darker sooner. (i hate that by the way)
 Our gorgeous mountains here in Utah are turning orange and yellow

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the fall!!
I get to excited with all the changing colors and cooler temperatures and decorations and Halloween and Thanksgiving and AHHHHHHHH!

the end.

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