Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tattoos & Birthdays!

I really dont understand what the taboo is on tattoos. I find myself being intrigued by them. They can be so beautiful (and trashy/ugly at the same time). They are becoming more and more prevalent now a days as the "old fashioned" generation moves out and the younger more open minded generation moves in. Not everyone accepts them, not everyone likes them, but its whatev.

So my wifey's birthday was last month and for her birthday she added on to a tattoo she had on her back and got a new one of her wrist.

 The flowers and wording were already there. I love the way it turned out

Nik's wrist tattoo is so special.
Its a bracelet with the letter "H" inside of it for her daughter Hopelynn. The bracelet was Hope's bracelet that she wore 24/7 from when she was born until it was too small. Its very special to Nikki and she often would keep it with her once it was too small for Hope. Now she will have it with her forever :)

Then we went to Nik's parents house for a birthday bbq! I just love her parents they are such a hoot and are so caring. They treat us like family.

 (left pic) Nik's mom got stung by a bee.. look how swollen her leg was! :(
 Casey and Nik. haha we love them

 someone was impatient haha

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