Friday, September 30, 2011

Restless Blog Hop!

So ive been blogging sense i first got prego in 2008. But i mostly just had family following me. When i linked up with top mom blogs (which is so lame now) i had like 40 followers i think? I signed up for top baby blogs on 10-22-10. I think i got like 10 followers from that. lame.

So here is my secret! I started doing blog hops! I LITERALLY went from like 60 followers, to now (355 followers) in like 4 months.

But the only way these blog hops work IS YOU HAVE TO HOP THEM! If you are wanting more followers, you gotta work for it lol. I would hop from blog to blog finding ones that i loved, commented, and people showed love back! I know majority of my followers are from hops so you can all vouch!

So anyway, i decided im going to start hosting a blog hop so that we can all meet each other! I will do this every friday so everyone can hop around on the weekend! Keep in mind i get about 300 page view on average per day. Yes this is a baby hop, on a baby blog, but eventually it will pick up popularity... hopefully haha

There really arent any rules. Except for like 2 :)
You HAVE to be a follower of Young&Restless Blog.
and you have to display this button in a post, sidebar, whatev :)
young and restless

Eventually i will have hosts (first person to request to be a host wins for next week!) lol
Each week i will pick a host.
The host will display this same link on their blog.
Then we request that those that link up follow the host too.

But i mean. If arent interested in a blog you arent interested.
So you dont HAVE to follow me or the host,
it would just be cool.

So yea, LINK UP, start hopping, and have fun!
oh and ps... you dont have to leave a comment. I dont know why it says that lol
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