Sunday, September 18, 2011

Phone pics {photo dump}

Haven't done this in FOREVER. And ever sense my point and shoot was stolen and the one my sister let me borrow decided to stop working.. i take alot more pics on my phone. So this is more of a phone pics photo dump :)
 My new addiction :) *our last parade/carnival of the summer :(
Me and Nik out to din din 
 Braylee with her princess balloon hat at din din
 Look how cute bray is! she is so fun
 Bray still recovering from her sickness. kept getting diarrhea
 Me and Makaibree out coloring while Braylee napped
 Bray's hair is getting so long * she is cute* my new earrings! (the black one)
 Being vain
 i REALLY hope no one wears those while driving! * i dont know why but this cup made me laugh
 me and my princess
 Me and my other princess :) (best friends baby)
 i have a cloud obsession lol *you know im cool :) my family portrait in chalk * love sun flares lol
Yea you read that bib :) *my cake i made my hubby to cheer him up * I call this Jeffrey-rigged haha. the tv in his truck isnt working so he hung our portable tv on that tv * can you see the grasshopper * cloud AND sun flares? perfect * Friday morning i was going off 4 hours of sleep and fell asleep on the couch for like 15 min and this is what i woke up to haha
Went out to Texas Roadhouse with some friends. Me and wifey bum told them it was Chris's bday (it wasnt, shhh dont tell) so they made him get on the saddle haha. He was a good sport and went along with it *Hopelynn loves Chris and Paula! *We made a bracelets club, they glow in the dark. real cool status :)
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