Thursday, September 8, 2011

How To Make a Blog Button!

Ive been meaning to do this post for quite some time becuase i have been asked several times how to make a button or people ask in general. And how i figured out how to make a button was through a post like this! So here ya go. I know there might be other ways but this is how i do mine.

First, if you dont have a photobucket account, make one. It comes in handy in the blogger world. Upload the image you want for your button. Resize it to whatever size you want your button. 125x125 is pretty standard. You dont want to go too big so it doesnt overlap on other people's blogs,
because thats the point of the button right? You want it displayed on other blogs!
Then copy the "direct link" code and use it in the following:

This will forever be your code but you need to make changes:
(sorry this is a picture, i couldnt have this code without it displaying the other code & messing it up)

PINK: YOUR blog url
BLUE: the "direct link" code that you copied from photobucket
ORANGE: Your blog name. Just type it in. This will display when someone hovers their cursor over your button.

Once you have your code all personalized, put that code in an html gadget on your sidebar and save! It will display the code for others to copy. That will forever by your code. If you ever need your button resized, do it in photobucket and put the new "direct link" code in the highlighted blue area.

Your Welcome!
Just always remember who your favorite blogger friend is ;)!

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