Thursday, September 29, 2011

Halloween Nails..

Ive turned into a late night blogger..
its whatev.
I get so busy during the day and cant stay focused long enough. I think i might have a.d.d lol.


If you havent heard of CRACKLE nail polish...
you can thank me after this post.
Its so fun!

They sell it everywhere.
i got mine at Icing.
Crackle nail polish is fun anytime but PERFECT for halloween!

First, get a base coat for your "main" color.

The once that is dry..
add your crackle coat! i choose black for halloween but they have any color in crackle
i put it on thick and immediately blow on it for ultimate CRACKLE hahaha.

its great fun!

DO IT!  :)

im starting a blog hop tomorrow so STAY TUNED
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