Saturday, September 24, 2011

DIY Fall Decor

In celebreation of it officially being FALL, my favorite season, hense why i get married in the fall (and because of my first miscarriage due date), here is a SIMPLE diy (do it yourself) project.

Im not the most crafty person on this planet but i want to be! My sweet mother is SOO crafty and always baking, i just love her and want to be like her. Well she surprised me with some fall decorations, with a catch. I had to make it! Haha. It was alot of fun! And Braylee loved helping too.

You can go to the store and buy this all made,
Or you can go to a craft store,
and make yourself!
And save money! We all want to save money right?

 Cut the cone thingy thing down so that its level in the pot
 Use your glue gun for the fake grass

 I stuffed some of the grass in the sides so that the cone didnt wiggle in the pot.
 and TA-DA!
cute huh!?
 Cute leaves to add into the fall colored flowers

Told you it was simple :)

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