Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chubby Chasers: As Real as it Gets....

The old body :(
Boy what id do to have it back lol.

This blog is as real as it gets.
I blog for me and for anyone who wants me to blog for them.
I dont sugar coat, im not fake, and i dont hold back.

So im about to reveal ME.
But before i do, lets cover the basics.
I dont care about anyones opinion. Obviously. The proof is in the pics im about to post.
Im WELL aware its gross. Im WELL aware.
I was going to do it alot sooner but just never have.
But now i am.

If you are new to my blog, i had high blood pressure while prego, and gained alot of weight.
And then i found out i have Hypothyroidism (low thyroid, no metabolism).
But ive never revealed numbers on my blog.
And ive never shown pics of my tummy without a shirt covering it.
And you will see why.

So here i am, at 230 pounds, right after i had Braylee

Awesome huh. lol.

And this is me as of today.
Lots of weight lost but still way over weight

And guess what i have to say....

I AM BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe not to every one's eyes but beauty is in the eyes of the beholder right? haha.
My husband tells me in beautiful every day and thats all that matters.

But im not perfect.
I have my days that i get down on myself. But put yourself in my shoes. Ive been working hard for 2 years now. Ive done the HCG diet, p90x (not the whole program), Jillian Micheals 30 day shred, yoga meltdown, no more trouble zones, INSANITY (every single day for 2 months), ive tried "CLEAN EATING" ive gone on doctor recommended 800 calorie diets. I still to this day work out at least 3 times a week doing mostly cardio on my bike but i do weights too. And i still am 30 pounds overweight from where i should be at for my height.

So yea, i get frustrated and overwhelmed.

But why live life miserable. Why be unhappy over something so silly.
I WONT give up. I WILL continue to workout all the time because it makes me feel better. But the fact of the matter is, I AM BEAUTIFUL. I have been blessed in so many ways and it could be so much worse. IT WAS so much worse. I want to focus on my progress rather than this Plataea.

I frustrates me when i hear girls OBSESS on their weight and talk so much crap on themselves saying they are so fat WHEN THEY AREN'T! I always tell them, well hey you could look like me.. haha. And i dont mean that in a negative way towards me. But i mean.. LOOK AT THOSE PICS! I have stretch marks GAL OUR (which i have come to love), i have sagging skin which is majority of my problem. No matter how much i workout, the skin wont go away. But these GORGEOUS girls with perfect bodies beat themselves up and it breaks my heart.

OBVIOUSLY i have flaws.
We all have that area we want to work at.
We all want to perfect ourselves, and there is nothing wrong with that!
But dont beat yourself up. Dont put yourself down to get there. There are SO many studies about how your emotions can effect weight loss. So why not be happy and escalate your weight loss. Be the best you can be, my secret goal in life is to become a body builder. K maybe not really but i want to be WAY toned and ALL about fitness. And i will one day. But slapping myself in the face is NOT going to make that journey come any faster.

Dont just sit around complaining. If you want something GO FOR IT. There is nothing wrong with wanting a perfect body but you gotta realize you are beautiful no matter what. You gotta be happy with yourself on your journey to perfection. Dont just sit around and sulk.
DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT if its really what you want!
But like i said, dont do it in a negative way. You are beautiful NOW just the way you are.
Its all about your mind set. I mean obviously my body is not pretty. It used to be! But not no more.
But in my mind, i am beautiful.
I have a beautiful soul.
I consider myself one of the most caring loving person you will ever meet.
But when it all comes down to it,
i now have a mothers body, with all the battle wounds that come along with it..

And i wouldnt change it for the world.

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