Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vlogging Vednesday/ Me: A-Z

Today's theme is Strollers:
What we like, dont like, etc.

I decided to record one of our nightly walks. Sorry about the randoms, im a space cadet :)!
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and for fun, im joining the
"About me, A-Z" fun!

A. age: Just turned 22!
B. bed size: King baby!

C. chore you hate: Cleaning toilets (GERMAPHOBE!)

D. dogs: I wish. Just one really fat cat named bubba :)

E. essential start to your day: Check my phone, pee, take thyroid med

F. favorite color: PINK!!! im obsessed
G. gold or silver: Silver for sure. Or white gold

H. height: 5'7

I. instruments you play: piano sense i was 8, and a little guitar
J. job title: Care giver (CNA), mom, babysitter, blogger, photographer
K. kids: Braylee Ann (2yrs) and 2 in heaven (miscarriages).

L. live: Utah!
M. maiden name: Buhler. yes. like ferris bueller's day off.
N. nicknames: My sister calls me CC, my sisters and wifey call me chrissy, wifey calls my chrissy poo and chris and other funny names that i wont say cuz my mom reads my blog ;). And my hubby calls me baby, baby cakes, baby bums, beautiful, &woman (lol i think woman is funny its not in a condicending way).
O. overnight hospital stays: Just when i had my daughter :)

P. pet peeve: Liars. Cant STAND lying.
Q. quote: "Be who you are and say how you feel. Cuz those who matter dont mind, and those who
mind, dont matter" - Dr Seusse

R. righty or lefty: Righty

S. siblings: lol here we go. I come from a "his, hers, ours" family, or "Blended" is the proper term. So my dad got married in New Zeland and had Scott, Yolanda, Reuben. My mom got married in Connecticut and had Becky and Jessica. Then my dad and mom got married to each other and had me (yes yes, im the link and bond to hold this family together ;), Then my baby sister who is 19, and my baby brother who is 18. haha pheeew!

T. time you wake up: 6:15am when i babysit Hope, 7am when i babysit Kallee and dont have Hope, and between 8&9 when i have no kids to babysit. Thats when Bray wakes up.
U. university attended: I got my CNA through MATC, and enrolled in UVU but never attended lol. 

V. vegetables you dislike: Mushrooms, tomatoes (unless they are diced and hidden well in a spicey food or something, and horse raddish. EW.

W. what makes you run late: myself. i procrastinate. But having a kid, and usually 2 extra kids plays its part. Someone pooped when im walking out the door, spilled something, needs something, etc.

X. x-rays you’ve had: Dental stuff, and tummy

Y. yummy food: Lasagna! my fav. But im a fatty so i love most all food

Z. zoo animal favorite: Penguins have always been my favorite. And monkeys and zebras.

yay me!

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