Thursday, August 25, 2011

THIS is Why Im Scared to Be PREGNANT

I know ive explained before that my pregnancy with Braylee was pretty miserable. I got HUGE! When people would ask how far along i was, i would tell them, and then they would ask "are you having twins?" Id reply no, then they'd ask "Triplets??", lol NO mr considerate, just ONE. The beginning wasnt so bad but after about 20 weeks i ballooned up. I got SO swollen. I carried really low and my hips literally felt broken. Sleeping was miserable, and i even got to the point that my hips hurt to even just sit on the couch. Anyway, i though id share a bit of my misery to prove, it was BAD! I was NOT a cute prego lady lol.
 the cutsie stage
Yes, 30 WEEKS! i look FULL TERM plus some! 10 more to go..... (shoot self in head)
Look at my freaking thigh in the far right pic.... i was HUGE.

I delivered at 37 weeks due to preeclampsia. I had an amniosentesis (spelling) done and Braylee's lungs were MORE than ready so i was induced. You can read about my very easy, smooth, fast delivery {{HERE}}

All those prego pics WERNT EVEN THE WORST PART!!

you ready for this???
Now for the swollen feet...........
I almost cry looking at my poor swollen feet.
I was LITERALLY a walking, talking, ginormous oompa loompa water balloon!
even my nose got fat.


This scares you looking at this post huh?!
Well imagine how i feel, cuz i went through this misery! And to think that i might possibly go through it AGAIN?! Im praying that having my thyroid under control that this wont happen.

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