Sunday, August 28, 2011

Take the Pain Away.....

I think the worst feeling in the world, as a mother, is wanting SO badly to take your baby's/child's pain away, but cant. We would, without question, without hesitation, trade places with our child, and take that pain for ourselves, if that meant that they didnt have to endure it.

Yesterday, Braylee was completely fine all day. We had dinner at our best friends house, and laid Braylee down for the night. At about 11pm, Braylee was crying, we went in there, and there was puke EVERYWHERE in her pack and play. Poor thing. We headed home where Braylee projectile pukes 3 more times.

We got home, gave her a warm bath, gor her some pedialight, and set up camp in our bed. This was the first time she has slept in our bed sense she was a newborn. We are over protective parents and didnt want her to puke during the night and aspirate or choke. We layered our sheets, put down towels just in case, and had towels on the side of the bed to be on the safe side. We figured she'd fall asleep and HOPEFULLY be ok. Oh no.... it had only began.

From 11pm-2am, Braylee puked about every 30 min. She got to the point where she didnt even have anything to puke anymore. She was just dry heaving and bringing up stomach acid. Then from 2am-6am she puked once or twice every hour. She would get up, start crying, and dry heave and vomit, then fall right back to sleep out of pure exhaustion.

I just wanted to cry for her. I stayed awake most of the night just watching her. Anytime she moved, i'd wake up to check her (usually when she started moving it was to throw up). But even through all her discomfort, she would would ask for hap hap (Happy Feet) which we had playing all night. She'd smile at me and say "i okaaay", or i'd ask if she was ok and she's say "yess" with her cute little lisp. She kept touching daddy's cheek and mommy's cheek. Kept falling asleep holding daddy's finger. What an amazing daddy and husband. He had to work that previous morning and had been up sense 2:30am, working till 1:00pm, didnt take a nap, and still helped out so much with Braylee. Woke up each time Braylee had to puke and helped me catch all the puke, (Braylee was in pain and kept flailing around).

Finally at about 7am she didnt puke anymore and slept till 10am. Woke up happy and smiling.
 This is the aftermath. That pile on the right is all the towels and clothes we went through with all her puking. The left pile is all the sheets and blankets... It was a rough night but she kept drinking her pedialight. I was SO thankful for that because it gave her something to throw up (i know that sounds bad but dry heaving up acid hurts). And the time that it actually stayed in her tummy her body was soaking up the electrolytes and good stuff that pedialight has.

 She looks so pale and exhausted but she was happy.

And mama was ready for a nap

We came downstairs at about 11am, got her a sippy of pediasure (to get some nutrients in her body), and she puked it all up :( I gave her a sippy of warm water, honey, and cinnamon for some natural remedies. I must have helped cuz she fell asleep and is still sleeping. It is now 2:13pm.

Braylee is NEVER sick.
I think this is her first legit stomach flu in all 2 years of her life and boy is it bad.

This just breaks my heart :(
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