Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Style {or lack there of}

Ive never had a certain "style". I guess if i had to categorize it i would say its more casual. I wear what is comfy. Sense ive become a mom my style has certainly changed. Or at least i want it to. I google over pretty clothes and sometimes even buy them, but i never feel "comfy" in them. If i were skinny id be able to wear so much more. Trust me though, i know there are ways around that. Its just harder to find stylish clothes that hide the flaws and dont make me look like an idiot. And i dont have the patients or talent.

Anywho, i thought that for fun id do a post on some things that i wear. But trust me, when fall comes.. my style DEFINITELY changes! Cuz of the fact that its easier to hide! Cardigans, sweaters, vests, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im so excited!!!!!!!

 i wear alot of Fox Rider. I just love dirt bikes.

 i LOVE eye shadow. I mostly wear neutral or natural colors but i love pink and purple too :)
 im all about the comfort and flowy shirts! and i really love my "chunky flops" (non flat flip flops lol)
i LOVE lace!
 i wear alot of black shirts

 this black shirt is more knitted than lace but it has the same feel lol. (Oh and yea, im wearing that same pink undershirt, i didnt feel like changing it lol). LOOOOVE toms! i have plans to buy about 100 more :)
 More Fox Rider.
 These are my "Jesus shoes :) not many people like them but i love them and they are COMFY! I feel like im not wearing shoes at all.
i never really go out in just a tank top or spaghetti type top. I will wear some sort of cover over top.

And just for fun... here is some fall fashion that im excited for!!


Fall cant come any faster!

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