Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our week in Phone Pics

Wow, i have been really bad at blogging lately. Probably because i worked all weekend. It was lame.
Im still in that blogging rut :(

To all my new followers, my GFC doesnt always work. It comes in and out. So ill will be following back you just have to be patient cuz i cant control when i can see it, so yea i cant even see my followers at all when it isnt working :(

So here is our week in phone pics

 *Monsoon * cool sun pics * me and hubby at one of my childhood best friends wedding! the last of the trio, congrats Devin! You looked beautiful ;) and your bride looked stunning * Oh just me being vain* diddo * Nik, Case, and Jeff * me and Bray *baby Hope! (nik's baby)
*Bray and uncle casey and Hope * Nik fixed my hair ;) *and the rest are me and my princess :)

So my week in phone pics turned into my entire Sunday pretty much so lets talk about it.

During the work week (mon-friday) i dont see my hubby much. I didnt babysit Hopelynn that week and didnt see my wifey at all. It was a depressing week. Then on friday i had to work. My sister normally babysits my daughter and she was out of town so i was stressing about babysitters. Luckily my mom and other sister were willing to help out. I really appreciated it. That day was stressful cuz i had a meeting in the morning too. It was alot of driving/speeding.

Then on Saturday i had to work again. I was so frustrated because i got invited to intern at a wedding for photography and i had to turn it down because i couldnt call off due to me being the only one on shift. Then i also got invited to a bday party and bbq and i had to miss out of that. I didnt get to see my hubby my best friends at all. It was super depressing.

So Sunday comes along, and my sweet wifey came to the rescue. Her and the fam came over and brought me the worlds best home made iced coffee late!

Wifey apparently got to my camera and took alot of pictures, i found them yesterday haha! I love her.
haha that beautiful heart is to show my love :). Ok ok so maybe its hiding something. I didnt want to offend anyone but the pic looks way cool and thats just Nikki to a T :). Then we have baby Hope and then Nik's hubby Casey. We love these guys, they are our true best friends :)!

From there we went to lunch at Cafe Rio. OMG that place is my favorite! We had a sweet tooth and went to go get some caramel apples at the river bottoms but it was freaking closed. So we played around there in the misters and such. Made a trip to Walmart. We had to satisfy our sweet tooth and got some yummy stuff to make :) I didnt gets pics of the end products but you get the drift. We made some raspberry yummy bars, and some Oreo cream cheese pie thing. Then wifey made THE BEST terrioki chicken! mmmmmm!

I SOOOOOOOO needed this day. Like wow. Its amazing how these homies just make everything better. It just happened this way, but ive created what i call a "happy bubble". And in this happy bubble includes my husband Jeff, my daughter Braylee, my wife Nikki, her hubby Casey (also mine and jeff's best friend), and their ball of joy, baby Hopelynn. I live a good 30 min away from my family and home town friends so i hope no one takes this bubble thing personally, it just is what it is haha.

Lets hope this week is better, which it will be, because i have this weekend off work.
I freaking hate that place,
i didnt think it was possible but it has gotten worse!
ONE day i will be able to be a SAHM or at least find a new job working 2 days a week.

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