Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our week in celly pics

First off......... today is my wifey's birthday.


This morning we got up and went out to breakfast to celebrate nikki's birthday! it was great. Then Jeff surprised me and took me out to the movies. We NEVER go to the movies. It was nice. My sister was gracious and took Braylee while we went. The we went to go see Jeff's grandma in the hospital. She was in the ICU so we couldnt take Braylee with us, so we went wile Braylee napped at my sisters.

After that we met up at my moms house to be there while my baby brother was ordained an elder. It was really special and emotional. We are all proud of you Kyle!

ok well enough with the jibber jabber
on to celly pics
 Braylee and Hope(besties baby) when they were the same age :)
(4 ish months) too cute
 Braylee got into the desitin and come and says "un bock?!" (sunblock)
oh jeeze lol
 Out to eat at chillis!
got ma heeeer did! no more roots! *yep, my hubby is sexy *flowers for my wifey on her birfday today!

ive been pretty MIA from the computer. i havent caught up on blogging sense Thursday.
(my Friday and Saturday posts were scheduled)
So i apologise but i will get back in the groove starting tomorrow :)
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