Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our Week in Cellular Device Photographic Images :)

^^^^^ You Like?? Yea im in one of those moods. This week was definitely better than last week. But i have sad news. I think we are on the downward slide again on this roller coaster. And really it all revolves around my thyroid. I was feel better this week because i was feeling healthier. Not as moody and tired and bloated. I lost 3 pounds and though MAYBE my meds were finally kicking in (hypothyroidism/Hahimotos). But, i am feeling bad again. I gained 2 pounds back, i feel bloated, tired, you name it. Im so done with this! I go on the 24th for ANOTHER blood draw to see if i need a higher dose of medication. BOOOOOOOOOOO! Im about to make them take my stupid thyroid out cuz i hate it. like alot. I named it stupid. Cuz thats what it is. :)

Anyway. Here are our phone pics.
 *im a G. What can i say.
 *Um. I HATE luvs diapers. We tried them for the first time cuz they were cheaper.. No. This is what happens just from sleeping over night. In the morning she is soaked up to her ribs. We shall stick with Huggies.
 *In my defence, its a 30 min drive to visit any family and friends. I get bored haha.
 On Friday, we had a "family fun day". We went swimming. Bray passed out on our way home before we were even out of the parking lot!
 Then we went out to dinner. Then went to Trafalga for some miniature golf! I will post about it later this week :)
 Me doing some cardio! Sweat baby sweat! Biked for 30 min: 6 miles. And that was nothing! INSANITY has really upped my game in cardio!
*Another driving photo shoot lol, heading up for Braylee's best friends birthday party! Preslie and Bray have been friends sense they were first born. Now Pres is 2! It goes by so fast. *Me at my mommy's for a yummy family Sunday dinner. We had lasagna. If you read my "about me" survey found {{HERE}}, you would know i love lasagna. MY WISH CAME TRUE! :) Love my mommy. *me and my princess. i love her more than words can even express.

That our week!
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