Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Week in Blackberry Pics/Hair tutorial

 *Bray and Hope hanging out watching Disney Chanel
 *everybody needs selfies
 *One day instead of napping, Braylee got naked and put on her swim suit. It was inside out, and one arm out of the sleeve but not too bad! lol. She said "simming??" (swimming) *Yummy mustard chicken and sweet potato dinner with veggies!
 My sweet baby Lynn Lynn learning *Nik sent me this pic last night, LOOK AT THOSE EYES!!
 *Braylee sick on the couch :(
 *We let Bray sleep in our bed last night again to be safe. When i came to bed around 11pm this is what i found :)

And then lastly, here is a little hair "how to".

Alittle while back i did a hair tutorial on how to get no heat vintage curls.
You can find that post {{HERE}}.

It did work out too well for me because of how thick my hair is. I had many friends try it out and it failed for all them too. So, i tried this method out and i really like it!

I only got pics on my cell phone so yea.
 One night, take a shower, blow dry your hair so that it is mostly dry, Braid your hair like this. If you dont like tight curls, then dont do the braids too tight. I used rubber bands because of how thick my hair is and had to do many braids. If you have thinner hair, do bigger sections so it stays looser and if if will hold, use bobby pins and pin the ends to your head. But yea there was no way bobby pins were staying in my hair over night.

Then next day i put gel in each of the braids BEFORE i take the braids out. Let the gel dry (you can blow dry if you'd like). Then take it out and.....

a very easy, messy type curl!

If you try it let me know how it works!
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