Tuesday, August 2, 2011

{{My Wife}}

So last week i had a girls night out with my wife Nikki (plus chris, our gay friend...BAHAHA totally kidding). We wanted to go dancing and burn some cals. I had NEVER gone before! Im 22, could have gone as soon as i turned 18, and never have! Which is weird cuz i LOVE to dance. So the hubbys stayed home with the girls and we went out dancing! We had SO much fun.

It was the weekend of the 24th, so we got to see fireworks too!

But while we are on the subject of my wife, lets talk about her.

I met Nikki the summer of 2008. We went to the sand dunes for Jeff's birthday and there she was. Love at first sight. Ok maybe not. Maybe i had a wall up and figured she was like other girls. I dont get along with other girls unless you give me a reason to (woops). Nikki was there with her husband. Her husband, Casey, is like a second cousin or something to Jeff. They were introduced to us as the newly weds. We then found out that Nikki worked at the company that Jeff had just got a job at.
So one day, Jeff saw Nikki at work, and put the idea out there that we should all hang out.

We went to Nikki's parents house to hang out and as soon as she opened the door.. THEN it was love at first sight :) For real though, the second the door was open, there was this GORGEOUS girl, and she started talking................. and talking... and talking and talking hahaha! She was so bubbly and cute and i just loved her!

I know this sounds so cliche, but the 3rd time we hung out, we decided that we were best friends. We literally told each other we were already best friends. So i guess if it was a relationship, we were declared an item. Hahaha.

 I really cant explain the connection and friendship that i have with Nikki. She is just everything i could ever ask for in a best friend. Ive had best friends growing up or friends that i WISHED were my best friends and none have even come close to Nikki. It sounds so silly because it sounds like im describing a boyfriend or husband. But we all need our best friends too. Our personalities and the way we are, the things we like, how we talk, just everything!

Nikki has never been DRAMA! We had a fall out ONCE in all 3 years we have known each other. And well, i was pregnant and moody and we were still getting to know each other and didnt understand each other. But other than that there has been NO drama. No he said she said. No lies, No hurting just to hurt (on serious emotional levels). Nikki and her husband Casey are just CHILL and REALLY good friends. Our best friends. And we would all do anything for each other.

 Nikki is just so fun loving and full of life. I really look up to her. My husband Jeff, and my Wifey nikki, are probably my biggest idols and people that i look up to in life for what they have been through and how they have come out on top. Of course i have many heroes and strong friends and family who have been through alot too but these two have amazing stories of trials and triumphs.

We accept each other for who we are. She is too good to me. She is my missing puzzle piece that i was missing all my life. And i really mean that. All through elementary, jr, and high school, i just wanted that ONE best friend. And i finally found her. Its so crazy the connection we have. Its just like when you find your soul mate, that one guy that just DOES it for you. They are, THE ONE. Well i found that in Nikki. And that is why i call her my wife. She stands above all the rest.

So thank you Nikki, for being my idol, my inspiration,
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