Friday, August 12, 2011

Date Night?? Whats That?!

The last time me and Jeff went on a date (without the kid) was for our anniversay. Which was last November. How sad is that! If we go out we usually just take Braylee with us

Well a couple weeks ago we went on an actual date, without the kid. It was so nice to not have to worry about a crying, crawling on the table, under the table, wanting to run around and throw her food everyone child named Braylee.

We wanted to continue this date night thing but like i mentioned, its rare that we dont take Bray with us.. So here is an example of our NORMAL date night :)

 Braylee bugging the table next to us.... lol

Jeff watching freestyle motocross on tv....

 i was sad he wasnt paying attention to me ;)
 mmmmmmmmmmm, sticky fingers from wingers :)
 Bray crawling under the table...

 We bribe her with suckers while we wait for our check...
end product of Jeff's bottoms-less wing dinner haha!

The joys of toddlers.
This is why most our "date nights" are date night in. Us on the couch snuggled watching a movie from RedBox. Greatest invention ever!!

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