Monday, August 1, 2011

7 peaks/Summer fun

Here is some more snap shots from out summer fun!

(point and shoot camera, not my nice one)

One day i took Bray to 7 peaks, just the 2 of us. Its not often that we just go out and spend some quality time with just the 2 of us.
Then one Saturday Jeff and I took Braylee and my niece Kallee to 7 peaks. They had a blast, and i braved up and took my point and shoot out to get some shots of them in the water.. i get worried ill drop it in the water haha.
 Me and my man :)
 Kallee and Braylee
i was trying to get a shot of this guys awesome tats and Mohawk/mullet thing,

 Jeff being a model

I apologise for the photo dump. Ive had a bit of a bloggers block. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day
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