Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our week in Phone pics!

i swear.... if it isnt one thing, its another with blogger.
Now that my dashboard is back... i cant see mine, or anyone elses GFC boxes. Its just a white box and i cant follow any new blogs with that. So to all my new followers, patients. I will return the favor when i can. This problem always eventually fixes itself.


On to phone pics..
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 *i dont know why i still workout. But i do 3-5 times a week. i dont loose anything. We are still trying to figure out my right dose of medication for my hypothyroidism, but i refuse to give up. * Buddah belly :) i like it *I love sleepy pics.. they are so sweet.
 *hmmm, not sure? *perdy double rainbows. We have been having alot of rain and thunderstorms here in Utah, and that day, we got pretty rainbows right before a thumder storm.
 *Heading to LAGOON with the best frens! These are my awesome reflection pics. A pic of me in the refection of Hope's baby mirror with the refection in my glasses.... awesome right??
 Jeff sleeps alot
 *More Lagoon pics.. i didnt want to take my phone on rides so all our pics were at the lockers haha
 *the crew at lagoon!
My loves!

Yea i didnt get many pics on my phone this week.. just lagoon pics

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