Monday, July 4, 2011

Our week in phone pics :)

Guys i have been slacking on blogging. I was already behind but this week i just needed a break from blogging. Then the holiday weekend came and i was busy playing that i haven't even been on the computer at all. I havent even hardly cleaned my house! But it was a much needed break from life. But now we are back to the reality of cleaning, working, and doing productive things. Well at least for the next 4 days, then its another fun filled weekend! i REALLY need to get caught up on blogging this week. But for now, here is our week in phone pics :)

 *Braylee, Hope, and baby doll Hope lol *Kaibree and Braylee playing in the pool *diddo
 *so pretty *me and Bray in the morning (love when she comes running in and crawls into bed with me :) *Sneak Peak of Braylee's Tinkerbell birthday pics
 *Friday night, helping wifey work. *diddo *the boys helping Nikki do some pull ups... WORK IT!
*7 PEAKS BABY! We have the pass of all passes so we will be going lots this year. On Saturday we were there ALL day

 *After 7 peaks, we were headed out to drive 53 miles to a good friend of mine's daughter's birthday. we drove 30 miles, and Jeff's car started freaking out. So we turned around and went to a shop to have it checked. Turns out Jeff's neon needs a new EGR... $100 :( hense the sad face. I was so upset that we couldnt make it to Trinity's party. Ashley came 75 miles to Braylee's birthday, and i was NOT about to miss Trinity's.... im still really upset about it. It was really overwhelming. I cried :(
 Burns from 7 peaks
 Camping with the family :)
SOOO wore out... but we still made it for a 4th of July bbq :)

(posts on all our fun coming soon)

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